CSR (Corporate social responsibility, hereinafter referred to as CSR) refers to the enterprise in creating profits, to shareholders bear legal responsibility at the same time, also undertake to employees, consumers, community and environmental responsibility, Corporate social responsibility requires enterprises must go beyond profit as the only goal of the traditional philosophy, emphasis on in the process of production of the value of people's attention, emphasize on the environment, consumers, contribution to society. Zhejiang Zhongde Automatic Control Science and Technology to be Stock Co,. Ltd. (formerly called Zhongde Machinery Group Co., Ltd.) as an international Group enterprise, we insist on performance of the relevant social responsibility!

Courtesy and honesty
Ensure that the product real responsibility
In order to maintain market order and safeguard the interests of the masses of the people, we take QiMing honest to ensure that the product real social responsibility.

The scientific development
The task is the development of the enterprise and the profit, and bears a tax increase and the mission of the national development. We take responsibility development, do a good job in economic development, to development as the center, on the premise of development, continually expand the scale of enterprises, enlarge the share of tax, tax task, make a great contribution to the national development.

The sustainable development
The development of the enterprise must be adapted to save resources. As an enterprise, to stand on the position of global, insist on sustainable development, pays great attention to save resources. And I will make up my mind to change economic growth mode, the development of circular economy, the adjustment of industrial structure. Answered the call, implement the strategy of "going out", the use of two resources and two markets well, to ensure the safety operation of the economy.

To protect the environment
As the global and China's economic development and environment worsening, especially the atmosphere, water, Marine pollution is increasingly serious. In order to human survival and sustainable economic development, we bear the burden of protecting environment maintenance natural harmony.

Cultural construction
We constantly by culture construction to cultivate people's sentiment, to improve the quality of the people; Act as development of medical and health care, education and cultural construction of relevant social responsibility.

The development of philanthropy
For the development of the society, but also for our own development, we attach importance to the poor, better to assume the responsibility of the poor.

To protect worker health
Human resources are precious wealth of society, and support the development of the enterprise power. On corporate social responsibility in order to cope with the international standard requirements, also in order to make the central about "people-oriented" and implement the goal of building a harmonious society, our we must undertake to protect the responsibility of the worker life, health, and to ensure that a care treatment. We firmly chun ji obey the law, to take care of enterprise employees, improve labor protection, constantly improve the level and ensure workers pay wages on time, how to communicate with employees, more than in the interests of employees.

The development of science and technology
To solve the problem of low efficiency, we attach importance to scientific and technological innovation. Through scientific and technological innovation, reduce the consumption of coal, electricity, oil, transport, and further improve the efficiency of the enterprise, we attach great importance to the introduction of technology digestion and absorption and science and technology research and development, and more investment funds and personnel, and strive to innovation in enterprises as the main body.