High-performance Sealing Butterfly Valve
    Publish time 2016-02-20 14:27    

Main technical parameters

Pressure rating: 150LB-600LB
Nominal diameter: 5.08cm-2,540.00mm
Leakage grade: soft sealing (zero leakage); Hard sealing: Class VI
Operating temperature: soft sealing: -46~+300°C; Hard sealing: -46~+600°C

Product characteristics

Triple eccentric sealing structure is adopted for the hard sealing; double eccentric structure is adopted for the soft sealing; all the seals are of pre-tightening structure with excellent cut-off performance and regulation performance; seals are reliable and have long service life, capable of electric control, pneumatic control, hydraulic control, manual control and substituting for imported like products.

Applicable scope

Used for the industrial units of oil industry, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, electric industry, metallurgical industry, light industry and water treatment industry; the hard sealing is also applicable to areas with dust-containing or molecule-containing mediums.