Parallel Double-disc Gate Valve
    Publish time 2016-02-19 16:19    

Main technical parameters

Pressure rating: 150LB-900LB
Nominal diameter: 1-1/2in-40in
Leakage grade: Class Ⅵ
Operating temperature: -46~+550℃

Product characteristics

The effective sealing of the parallel double gate discs and valve seat is realized by the adoption of wedge extrusion principle; the bead weld treatment of sealing pair is realized by use of abrasion resistance and corrosion-resistant materials to extend the service life and realize the great full bore flow capacity; the electric control, pneumatic control, hydraulic control and manual control can be realized.

Applicable scope

Applicable to the cut-off or discharge of conveying pipes for gas and liquid mediums of oil industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, electric industry and light industry, especially applicable to the pipe control for petroleum oil product tank fields.