High-performance V-type Sealing Ball Valve
    Publish time 2016-02-19 16:15    

Main technical parameters

Pressure rating: 150LB-300LB
Nominal diameter: 1/2in-24in
Leakage grade: soft sealing (zero leakage); Hard sealing:Class V
Operating temperature: soft sealing: -46~+300℃; Hard sealing: -46~+450℃

Product characteristics

V-type cut is characterized by the large regulating ratio and equal percent flow, and the balance adjustment of pressure and flow is realized; the valve element and valve seat structure with eccentric can reduce the abrasion to the valve itself; the electric control, pneumatic control, hydraulic control and manual control can be realized.

Applicable scope

For the industrial units of oil industry, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, electric industry, metallurgical industry, light industry, papermaking industry and water treatment industry, especially applicable to the mediums with fibers or fine particles. br />