Multi-stage Type Truck Loading Sealing Ball Valve
    Publish time 2016-02-19 16:10    

Main technical parameters

Pressure rating: 150LB-300LB
Nominal diameter: 1in-12in
Leakage grade: Class Ⅵ
Operating temperature: -46~+450℃

Product characteristics

It is capable of various actions like one-stage opening and two-stage closing, two-stage opening and two-stage closing; the speed of switching valves is adjustable; the valve can be open or closed in occurrence of air source and power supply fault; both automatic and manual operation are available.

Applicable scope

Applicable to the cut-off and discharge of gas and liquid in the conveying pipelines of the automatic process control system and the automatic regulating system of the petrifaction sector, oil depot truck loading sector, metallurgical sector and electric power sector.