High-temperature and Wear-resisting Ball Valve
    Publish time 2016-02-19 16:07    

Main technical parameters

Pressure rating: 150LB-1500LB
Nominal diameter: 5.08cm-508.00mm
Leakage grade: Class Ⅵ
Operating temperature:+450℃~+850℃

Product characteristics

The product is the special type high-temperature valve made of heat-resisting material; the special design of the inner chamber of the valve guarantees the action sensitivity of the valve at 850°C and high differential pressure, the achievement of Grade IV sealing and the excellent erosion resistance performance; the electric control, pneumatic control, hydraulic control and manual control can be realized.

Applicable scope

Especially applicable to the working conditions with high temperature, high differential pressure and wear resisting demand, like Texaco, Shell, ash agglomerating fluidized bed coal gasification technology (AFB), deslagging and dust removing systems of space furnaces, etc.