Zhongde successfully listed on the "new three board"
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In wenzhou, zhejiang province, member of the family as the main staff of the sino-german valve processing mills was founded. Now, in the changxing economic and technological development zone, the former small workshops has developed into a set research and development, production and sales in one of the industry leading enterprises, high-tech enterprises.

In the current economic situation is grim situation, the company continued to 100 orders a day quota, output growth rate is about 30% per year on average. Enterprises realize the output value over 210 million yuan in 2014, is one of 12.16 million yuan.

In October last year, complete the luxuriant metamorphosis of Zhejiang Zhongde Automatic Control Science and Technology to be Stock Co,. Ltd. in the "new three board" successfully.

Good product by investment in science and technology

In recent years, in the face of the volatility of the world economy, China and Germany valves are still firmly grasp the core customers, product quality and enterprise value to a new level. To this, "Germany" z. li, general manager, said this and enterprise's emphasis on science and technology, research and development are inseparable.

Into the company's products manufacturing area, a set of automata, electricity, liquid integration of special control valve production line are orderly operation. "We're still trying to will become the development of the domestic first-class valve manufacturing workshop construction workshop, design production capacity will reach 18750 units." D. zhao said, "thanks to the project put into production, annual production capacity increased significantly."

Lab, test engineers are using advanced measure instrument to measure the parts of the valve, to ensure the quality assurance requirements. In product research and development center, technical manager SuFei is working with the engineers research product development projects. "Market, in fact, the consolidation technology, quality." SuFei said, cut off valve is industry's most competitive product quality and the product's ability to adapt to the market. At present, "Germany" product development and manufacturing capacity of the industry leading level.

Learned, as a national high-tech enterprises, "China and Germany" planning and design of the high pressure valve, high temperature valve, cryogenic valves, valve material four laboratory. Currently has 14 4 invention patents, utility model patents, and with scientific research and technical team of 50 people as the power to support technological innovation. Today, "China and Germany" has three major series, a total of thousands kinds of specifications products.

The valve "gate" has a secret

"Three years of effort, the enterprise a cut-off valve first brand in China. Not only that, but also to build the world's top cut-off valve, one hundred national brands." Valve companies vying for industry "gate", z. li says the secret of it, "the confidence comes from quality products to open the market." "Many valve enterprise competitive. We can do is to continuously improve product quality, reduce product cost, innovative products, expand the market, meet the requirements of customers, especially the personalized customer requirements." Z. li told reporters.

Coal chemical industry needs high temperature wear resistance of the valve, imported from abroad is not only expensive but slow delivery. "Germany" relies on a strong scientific research team, the breakthrough technology bottlenecks, replace imported valves, developed successfully enter the coal chemical industry in 2009, effect is remarkable.

Rely on high quality products, the enterprise in petrochina, sinopec, coal chemical industry, such as a minor celebrity. Company seize the opportunity to realize the rapid expansion of the domestic market, orders continuously. Except in the domestic set up 12 direct sales and service network, products are exported to the Middle East and southeast Asia. "Companies are currently with kazakhstan, Thailand and other countries to negotiate valve project. 2015 annual production plan to increase more than 10%." In the face of product markets, z. li with confidence.

For test "kung fu" ma bu "or horse stance just look"

From small workshop to listed company "new three board", "Germany" completed the luxuriant metamorphosis. Along the way, z. li witnessing the enterprises grow every step of the way. Beginning in 2015, "China and Germany" ushered in the new test, also ready to enough. "In the listed company, China and Germany is a beginner of the surface has just learned to kung fu, only to plunge into steady," ma bu "or horse stance just look to continue." D. zhao said "kung fu" ma bu "or horse stance just look" is a scientific research to build enterprise core competitive power and the way of enterprise innovation management.

Xae, assembling area, the transit area, debug area, test area, storage areas neat and orderly arrangement in the workshop of 17000 square meters, dressed in the uniform of the united workers busy in their respective positions.

Looking at clean and orderly workshops, z. li a face of relief. "This is the 6 s on-site management role. If you want to walk in the industry forefront, daily management should be fine."

In a corner shop, a lot of management staff in the office. D. zhao said, to understand the production situation in the first place, grasp and solve the problems of the production site, improve production efficiency, increase the harmony between the employees, starting in July last year, the company production supervisors and middle managers will office moved to enterprise production workshop. "Product quality is only 100 points with 0 two cases." D. zhao very firmly. In his view, the only science and technology innovation and modern management can bring 100 products and open market, only continuously lunges, practice good internal work, transform ideas, can enterprise continues to develop steadily.