The chairman of the board of ZHONGDE Mr Zhang interviews
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We are both more faithful exhibitors. Starting around 1994, we in the field of oil refining catalysis, sulfur recovery become a replacement for imported products, such as pneumatic clamp triple eccentric butterfly valve of high performance, high performance butterfly valve, etc. Now, big companies such as sinopec, petrochina's oil refinery catalytic sulfur recovery jacketed butterfly valve, butterfly valve is used most domestic valves, in more than 70%, more than 70% of the oil, sinopec with Chinese and German products. Localization of early difficult, from promotion, trial, to receiving trust after nearly 10 years, sino-german brand has won the wide recognition, now users can rest assured use. Oil refining enterprises is a flammable and explosive type, over the years due to frequent fire casualties and economic loss is very big, especially liquefied hydrocarbon spherical tank fire faces huge problems. Sino-german and SEI, research and development of shijiazhuang refinery liquefied hydrocarbon spherical tank emergency cut-off valves commonly known as pot root valve has already started to replace imported used in refining enterprise. This product based on absorb advanced technologies from Europe and America, is a independent research and development suited to China's actual technological requirements of the world's only high-end products. Has been included in the compulsory use of petrochina, sinopec specification. Environment, the high temperature of 1096 degrees to keep the valve switch freely within half an hour, in the event of fire, have the opportunity to control, can be closed to prevent the spherical tank drain, can also open the valve to the tank with water, put out the fire in time, reduce the risk of oil leakage, fire is aggravating, eliminate safety hidden trouble, greatly improve the safety factor.

We have a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Qingye Technology Co., Ltd., the development of application system software, the control valve, flow meter, compressors and other equipment under effective control, can reduce the cost, optimizing operation, energy conservation, environmental protection, improve the level of security, products have the torch FCS, tank farm monitoring management system, product integration system harmonic optimization system, etc., oil loading system has gained national patent. Light enriched our product structure more perfect.

We do control valve starting from 1992, has experienced ups and downs, cherish now, always maintain a sense of crisis. The future vision is "to do one hundred national brand, to build the world's top valve". This requires our feet on the ground, small bites. We gather the excellent talents, to create excellent corporate culture, improve the management level, to improve the quality of the sales and service personnel, to provide users with high-quality products and services. We set up offices in all parts of the country, established a perfect marketing and after-sales service network, maintenance personnel must reach the national each site within 24 hours. Users at the thought of China and Germany, mind rises is safe and reliable first-class brand image. We want to promote all-round, influence of ascension, enlargement popularity. We will never covet the immediate interests, must be in the long run, win the trust of the user's permanent. Such as user urgent need instead of foreign brands of domestic accessories, so we can supply factory price, not price. In a word, we should from every level shape invisible, value immeasurable brand image.