Mr Seah: projects to promote the introduction of breakthroughs raise efficiency projects
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42 project is accelerating, economic infrastructure Park headquarters, Xu Bridge resettlement apartments one of 18 counties and other key construction projects to speed up construction, to start the construction of high-tech industrial park ...... Recently, the County Development Zone faction bustling construction scene attracted reporter's attention.

County Development Commission Deputy Director Shetingnan told reporters, as of now, the county Economic Development Zone has completed 48 projects signed, which funded 44 projects with a total investment of 2.53 billion yuan; four foreign investment projects with a total investment of $ 42,130,000. 1-8 months, industrial investment totaled 1.1 billion yuan, an increase of 18.34%.

Shetingnan said Zone adhere to the starting point based industrial investment, investment in central enterprises, the headquarters of investment as a breakthrough, staring excellent high project does not relax, to do the work of the project reserves. Especially after the county's economic work conference, project information of the sort, classify and summarize determined mechanical auto parts, photovoltaic, hotel industry, logistics and other five key research projects totaled 43, and developed a detailed industrial investment program of work. 31 Merchants who all out, went to Beijing, Shanghai, Wenzhou and other investment line. Through the efforts of a great high in the project are talking about in six more mature, two of which projects into the agreement drafting stage, is expected to recently signed, the remaining four projects into the feasibility report or analysis protocol negotiation stage. For this type of mature projects, we set up a special group to tackle, with the prison continued to keep an eye on, and strive to project contract landing. During the long Fair, will ensure the completion of new projects signed 7, wherein the foreign investment projects 3; 101 million US dollars of contracted foreign capital, foreign capital is $ 46.51 million, $ 500 million in the other counties.

Make full use of "thousands of enterprises to upgrade a large investment," the mobile carrier, the project seeks to promote the work of the real thing, to achieve results. Further deepen the personal service system, the daily morning meeting system, the on-site office system and other mechanisms, in strict accordance with the "time inverted, task Forced" requirements, to promote the project. This year will ensure that German machinery, three Yang clothing, cables, etc. Will Eagle 12 projects in full production. At the same time, speed up the progress of approval, increase coordination of efforts, especially for textile Hua Hin, orchid industry, peak auto parts and other key projects, assign someone stationed around the clock services, to help make the start of preparatory work. During the long Fair, will launch 15 new projects to ensure completion of industrial investment 800 million yuan.

Accelerating the introduction of the project to promote the same time, the development zone to further increase efforts in building the platform, in addition to the rapid advance of 18 key construction projects outside the county, it has also launched a high-tech industrial park project, plans to invest 600 million yuan. "The project investment, involving a wide range, after the project is completed, the next two years to protect the development zone, in particular, can effectively promote photovoltaics, the introduction of new energy industry large projects." Shetingnan representation said.