Zhejiang Zhongde Automatic Control Science and Technology Joint Stock Co,. Ltd. (formerly called Zhongde Machinery Group Co., Ltd.) (Abbreviated as Zhongde Science and Technology, stock code: 831294) focuses on the supply of automatic control valves and control system solutions and the replacement of inlet control valves for the clients specializing in petroleum, chemical industry, coal chemical industry and natural gas, etc.

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On October

Listed in the national small and medium-sized stock transfer system, the stock is approved in November 2014, opened up to transfer.

On December

Company share reform, the unit name changed to "Zhejiang Zhongde Automatic Control Science and Technology Joint Stock Co,. Ltd. ".

On February

The company as a whole move to zhejiang changxing county economic development zone, and set up a china-germany control technology co., LTD in zhejiang province. Germany and China became annual capacity of 50000 sets, the size of the output of up to 500 million yuan.

On May

In changxing county, zhejiang province economic development zone, invested 210 million yuan, nearly 100 mu of land, build the research and development, manufacturing, marketing as one of the pattern of the world's leading production base of control valve.

On October

Company recapitalisation, forming a sino-german machinery group co., LTD. Group to formulate the company development strategy, lock control valve field, go the way of top brand valve. Company into a model in modern enterprise management.

On October

Set up wenzhou china-germany group co., LTD. As Ryan top ten private enterprises, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, annual sales of 25 million, plant area of 4000 m2. Main business for the valve, air separation equipment.

On August

The factory was renamed Zhongde Instrument Co., Ltd. Registered capital of 2 million yuan, sales of 12 million yuan, plant area of 1000 m2, main business for the pneumatic valve.

On May

To members of the family of joint-stock established mill factory, named Ryan thermal instrument and meter plant, the registered capital of 400000 yuan, annual sales of 3 million yuan, factory building area of 300 m2, the main business for the pneumatic valve.